Silver Moldavite Pendant

Silver Moldavite Pendant

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Handmade, polished sterling silver, abstract shaped, genuine natural and rough, green moldavite stone pendant. Overall length 33mm, width 14mm, this particular stone is quite deep and raised above the setting, which I have tried to show in the photos - unique! - depth 14mm..


Moldavite is very rare and becoming more so, it is believed to be part of meteorites that descended to impact on earth. A chance to own your own piece of kryptonite!!

It is believed that Moldavites can give important transformational energies to humans. Using this stone in meditation is very powerful. Moldavite is a tektite, and a stone of intense frequency and high vibration.
In ancient times it was thought to be a mystical stone that could bring good luck and fulfillment of wishes.
These natural green crystals are powerful stones for transformation... it is thought to be the stone known as "The Holy Grail Stone."
It is one of the best stones to use for psychic protection, as negative entities find it difficult to connect to your aura when you are wearing it.
Wearing this stone is an advantage when you are working with spirit... so you can be sure that what you are making contact with is of 'the light'. 
One of its best assets is that it is a protective stone... and especially if you are working on developing psychic abilities. Using this stone in meditation is very powerful.
Change and spiritual healing are the common elements that this powerful natural crystal stimulates amongst most people, and this may take different forms. This beautiful green stone can affect any or all of the chakras but it major effect is on the heart chakra, which resonates the vibration of love.

Moldavite (Czech: Vltavín) is an olive-green or dull greenish vitreous substance formed by a meteorite impact. It is one kind of tektite.
In 1900, F. E. Suess pointed out that the gravel-size moldavites exhibited curious pittings and wrinkles on the surface, which could not be due to the action of water, but resembled the characteristic markings on many meteorites. Boldly attributing the material to a cosmic origin, he regarded moldavites as a special type of meteorite for which he proposed the name of tektite. However, for a long time, it was generally believed to be a variety of obsidian. Because of their difficult fusibility, extremely low water content, and its chemical composition, the current overwhelming consensus among earth scientists is that moldavites were formed 15 million years ago during the impact of a giant meteorite in present-day Nördlinger Ries. Splatters of material that was melted by the impact cooled while they were actually airborne and most fell in central Bohemia—traversed by Vltava river (German: Moldau). Currently, moldavites have been found in area that includes southern Bohemia, western Moravia, the Cheb Basin (northwest Bohemia), Lusatia (Germany), and Waldviertel (Austria).

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